••• XXV ••• Introduction Why a Book for ­ Working Moms? I t’s not looking good for my children’s gold star status on the behavior board today. One of my children is at the indoor play gym posturing for her position in line for the slide. The other is ­grabbing her sister’s toy out of her hands, seemingly oblivious to the shrieks of offense and horror coming from her sibling. I’m trying to stay focused on man- aging their behavior as an urgent text comes through from my office, dividing my attention and making my attempts at manhandling 2 rascals much more difficult. I’ve been up since 5:30 am, when I woke on my third alarm in time to make it to an exercise class and get some “me” time in. It’s technically my day off today, but it sure feels like my day on. That’s the story I hear day in and day out as I connect with working moms in my pediatrics practice, and it’s how I’m tempted to feel too. Raising children is hard. So is working full time, taking care of a household, maintaining a thriv- ing romantic relationship with a partner, and taking care of yourself. No amount of education or expertise makes this thing called modern motherhood any less ­challenging, even if you’re a Stanford-trained pediatrician and run a website on the topic on the side. Just like the next mom, I have a lot to juggle, and I’m a work in progress as I try to manage it with grace and perspective. I continue to move toward equity with my partner at home. I do my absolute best at work. I’m com- mitted to making sure my kids feel loved and cared for while
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