185 Resources Recommended Parenting Books and Articles Bennett SS, Indman P. Beyond the Blues: Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety. Untreed Reads 2019 Contains the most current pregnancy and postpartum resources for prevention and treatment of mental health challenges for all parents. Updated information and research about medications, as well as complementary and alternative options, are included. Direct and compassionate, it is required reading for those experience postpartum depression before or after the baby is born and for all professionals working with them. Damian LA, Johnson K. Nipple flow rates: what are they really and how does this affect our clinical practice? Dr Brown’s Medical. Accessed August 2, 2020. https://www.drbrownsbaby.com/medical/wp-content/ uploads/2016/08/DBM-MilkFlowRates-Dayton-Article.pdf This article describes nipple flow rates and compares the variability based on a research study. Enten E. Over-diagnosed and over-prescribed. The Doctor Will See You Now. Published November 12, 2011. Accessed August 2, 2020. www. thedoctorwillseeyounow.com/content/kids/art3497.html A pediatrician’s explanation of the differences between colic and acid reflux in babies and suggested treatment approaches. Faure M. The Baby Sense Secret: Learn How to Understand Your Baby’s Moods for Happy Days and Peaceful Nights. DK 2010 Written by an occupational therapist, this is a definite go-to baby book for new parents. It describes your baby’s first year after birth and discusses sensory and motor development, sleep, and social-emotional CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 185 CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 185 1/23/21 12:45 PM 1/23/21 12:45 PM
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