xvii Acknowledgments This book was the brilliant idea of Andrea Childers, RN, BSN, CPN. As a nurse, she would see these colicky patients with Mark Fishbein, MD, FAAP they would refer them to me and she saw changes in both the babies and their parents and kept saying, “You should write this down.” So, thank you, Andrea, for planting the seed—it is now written down! A huge thank-you to Dr Fishbein and my fabulous team of authors. I have been fortunate enough to find a group of team members and coauthors who I deeply trust and have had the pleasure of working with for so many years. When you find a team like this, the sky is the limit. Specifically, I want to thank the following people for their individual talent: Kate Benton, PhD, for understanding and explaining behavior so eloquently to all of us and to the parents we work with. Nicole Nalepa, RD, LDN, for helping so many parents feel better about their babies’ nutrition (and for naming me the “baby whisperer”—it really stuck!). Julie Stielstra, MLS, for your many edits and finding everything I need- ed on the topic I would say, “Sounds like…,” and you would find it! Stephanie Krantz, RN, BSN, IBCLC, PMH-C, for your boundless energy and your shared passion with me of babies and their mommies. Diana Bohm, MS, CCC-SLP/L, for your quiet excellence. I observe you listening and watching these babies, and you are in a zone assessing the quality of their suck, swallow, and breathe synchrony—and you are always right! Dr Fishbein, you are so smart (as we all say), and we have learned so much from you. Thanks for guiding our team to keep reaching new heights, and thanks for pushing me (respectfully) to write this book. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, experts in their fields. Some I had the pleasure of knowing: Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA Zack Boukydis, PhD Jodi Mindell, PhD, CBSM and Megan Faure, BSc, OT, OTR, your pas- sion for the work you do shines within me. Some mentors who I have read CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 17 CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 17 1/23/21 12:45 PM 1/23/21 12:45 PM
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