xv Foreword Andrea Childers, RN, BSN, CPN As a pediatric nurse and mother of 2 teens and another tween, I under- stand that parenting is hard. The saying/adage, “The days are long, but the years are short,” sticks out best to me in describing parenting. That quote has no meaning for parents with a colicky baby, though. Their days can’t be so simply described as “long.” Colicky babies can make the days seem unbearable. Parents want and need to know if it is possible to help make their challenges better. Six years ago, I came to know and work with Mark Fishbein, MD, FAAP, in his pediatric gastroenterology clinic. Many a day, Dr Fishbein would come out of his initial assessment of a refluxing baby calling out, “We need Patti!” Patti Ideran, OTR/L, CEIM, has so much experience and insight on how to help babies experiencing challenges that Dr Fishbein would not want the family to leave until Patti could assure him they could be seen soon, as in very soon. He wanted to help the stressed baby and parents so that their medical concerns could then be properly assessed and help the parents learn how to calm and soothe their baby so that the fussiness might decrease. On those miracle days that Patti had no other patient conflict, she could come right in to meet the parents, and she would teach them how to better under- stand and respond to their babies. Parents would leave with a calmer baby and knowledge of what to do to help the next time their baby was colicky. One such afternoon, a mother came to see Dr Fishbein with her 3-month- old son for an evaluation for reflux. Her baby was crying with no tears, wide-eyed, and thrashing his head. With frustration in her voice the mother explained she was there because “my baby has reflux so bad he never stops screaming.” This was what we deemed a “we need Patti” moment. Thankfully, that day Patti was available to come. After an hour, I went to clean the room, presuming the mother had left after her appointment. She was still there hold- ing her quiet, cooing son. Her frustration was gone, but she wasn’t convinced he would stay calm. She and I reviewed the medical recommendations from CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 15 CALM_FINAL-pages.indd 15 1/23/21 12:45 PM 1/23/21 12:45 PM
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