xii Acknowledgments edition. We are especially grateful to Dania Jekel, executive director of the AANE, for her review of and helpful comments about the chapters on disclo- sure and family life. Marilyn Augustyn, MD, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine, gave us the benefit of her expertise and experience pertaining to the issues of diagnosis, therapies, and school services. She is a powerful advo- cate for children from underserved communities in need of evaluation and services, and she reviewed the diagnosis chapter. We are extremely grateful for her input, which has made this edition better. Andrea Spencer, MD, assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and director of the integrated behavioral health program at Boston Medical Center, reviewed Chapter 10, Medications and the Quirky Child: Drugs, Doses, and Daily Routines, and offered her expertise on the use of psychotropic medications to ease the burden on kids and families. Her insights have been invaluable to us. We thank our colleagues in pediatric primary care at Boston Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital and our supportive chairs, Dr Bob Vinci, chairman of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, and Dr Catherine Manno, chair of pediatrics at New York University. Our families, of course, have contributed to this book in a wide variety of ways. It’s probably true, as we said earlier, that this book would not exist if we hadn’t escaped them for a little while, but it is certainly true that it would not exist without their inspiration and support. They taught us much of what we know about the vagaries and realities of family life, and they put up with our often haphazard mothering styles. We would like to thank all 6 of our chil- dren—Nolan, Geoffrey, Isaac, Orlando, Josephine, and Anatol—for the many lessons on the limits of parental and pediatric wisdom and, of course, for the recurring joys that make everything else worthwhile. Larry Wolff cheered Perri on through all the stages of putting the book together and has been especially adept at identifying interestingly quirky adult specimens in the halls of higher academe. David Taylor supported Eileen with his life wisdom and culinary alacrity. Last, with profound humility and gratitude, we thank the many children and families who have allowed us, as pediatricians, into their lives we learn constantly from our patients and their parents, and we hope that with this book we may give back to families some of what we have learned in a way that will help them on their own journeys. Quirky_Kids_final-pages.indd 12 Quirky_Kids_final-pages.indd 12 10/19/20 10:07 AM 10/19/20 10:07 AM
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