ix Contents Acknowledgments xi Introduction xiii PART 1 A World of Quirky Kids What You Should Know 3 Chapter 1. My Kid Is Different: Wondering and Worrying 7 Chapter 2. Specialists, Labels, and Alphabet Soup: Diagnosis or Difference? 25 Chapter 3. Understanding the Diagnosis: Grief and Loss and Moving Forward 55 PART 2 Growing Up Quirky Literary Glimpses 69 What You Should Know 73 Chapter 4. Logistics of Everyday Life: The Home and the World 81 Chapter 5. Family Life: Siblings, Parents, and Extended Family 119 Chapter 6. Educating the Quirky Child: Every Year Is Different 143 Chapter 7. Moving Through the School Years: Thriving and Learning in the Educational System 165 Chapter 8. The Social Life of a Quirky Kid: Finding Friends and Making Connections 183 Quirky_Kids_final-pages.indd 9 Quirky_Kids_final-pages.indd 9 10/19/20 10:07 AM 10/19/20 10:07 AM
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