Preface Since 2007, NeoReviews™, an online neonatology journal from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has published 4 to 10 continuing medical education questions per monthly issue. These questions refer to content from a review article and allow readers to assess their knowledge of the key aspects of the review. For this book, we selected approximately 1,200 questions that were published between 2007 and 2017 and remain relevant today. For each question, there is a short explanation of the correct answer with references, including the original article. We envision that this book will be particularly helpful for neonatology fellows who are studying for the neonatal-perinatal medicine board examination, as the content closely correlates with the American Board of Pediatrics content specifications. It may also serve as a refresher and introduction to new topics for practicing neonatologists. In addition, we believe that this book is a valuable self-learning tool for pediatric residents, neonatal nurse practitioners, and neonatal nurses. The NeoReviews Editorial Board aims to create a mix of content that encompasses core topics in neonatology as well as topics at the cutting edge of our field. To that end, some of the questions reference areas where knowledge is rapidly evolving if readers find a question and answer that may be outdated, we encourage them to contact us so that we can update future editions. We would like to acknowledge 2 people who crafted most of the original questions: Jayant Shenai, MD, FAAP, and Henry C. Lee, MD, FAAP, coauthor of this manual. We would also like to thank several people at the AAP who helped us get this book published: Carrie Peters, editor, professional/clinical publishing Barrett Winston, senior manager, publishing acquisitions and business development Jeff Mahony, director, professional and consumer publishing and Joe Puskarz, director, journal publishing. We also thank Luann Zanzola and Sara Weissenborn, the past and current managing editors of NeoReviews. Finally, we would like to dedicate this book to Alistair Philip, MD, FAAP, the editor in chief of NeoReviews from 2006 to 2017, who has been a wonderful editor, mentor, and friend the field of neonatology has benefited tremendously from all his contributions. Henry C. Lee, MD, FAAP Santina A. Zanelli, MD, FAAP Dara Brodsky, MD, FAAP v
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