XVII Preface In the mid-1990s, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) realized that pediatricians needed more informa- tion about the effects of the environment on the health of children who pediatricians take care of. Pediatricians needed to know more about key environmental issues, such as molds in the home, mercury in fish, ozone in the air, and the many other chemicals in the environ- ment, to best advise parents. At that time, information for ­ pediatricians was scattered in different places and there were no books with information all in one place. The AAP sought to fill that void by publishing Pediatric Environmental Health, the first-ever handbook on envi- ronmental health geared toward pediatricians. Since that time, as information about pediatric environmen- tal health has greatly expanded, the AAP has published 3 more editions, with the fourth edition of Pediatric Environmental Health released in 2019. In each edi- tion, every chapter includes frequently asked questions (FAQs)—questions to which parents need answers. The FAQs of the fourth edition are the basis of this book for parents, Protecting Your Child’s Health: Expert Answers to Urgent Environmental Questions. We have had the privilege of being the editors of all the editions. Every edition contains many chapters, each writ- ten by an individual author. As editors, we have worked with dozens of authors, including 72 who wrote chapters for the fourth edition. The authors are pediatricians and scientists who are experts in their specific areas of pediat- ric environmental health. We are greatly indebted to each and every author who volunteered to write an up-to-date chapter, including these important FAQs. We also thank the members of the AAP Council on Environmental Health Executive Committee for their review of chapters
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