Appendix 5 Common Elements of Evidence-Based Practice Amenable to Primary Care: Indications and Sources Table A5-1. Common Elements Indicationsa EBP Sourcesb Common Elements of EBPs Amenable to Primary Care Preparation of patient or family to address any health risk or mental health need Resistance to care seeking Barriers to care seeking Family therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy Motivational interviewing Family engagement Family-focused pediatrics Solution-focused therapy “Common factors” communication techniques Pain Acute (eg, injury, illness, procedural) Chronic or recurrent (eg, chronic illness, disability, trauma, recurrent procedures) Stress Habit problems and disorders Behavioral problems (eg, attention problems, anger management) Medical-biobehavioral disorders (eg, asthma, migraine, Tourette syn- drome, inflammatory bowel disease, warts, pruritus) Anxiety (eg, performance anxiety [eg, examinations, stage fright, sports], anxiety disorders, PTSD, phobias) Self-regulation therapies and mind-body therapies Teach… Breathing techniques Relaxation (eg, progressive muscle relaxation) Mental imagery Self-hypnosis Offer adjunct biofeedback.
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