Promoting Mental Health in Children and Adolescents: Primary Care Practice and Advocacy 672 Table A3-1. Specialty Services Sources Specialized counseling programs (eg, domestic violence, family reunification, children of parents with alcohol use disorder, juvenile sex offender, divorce, stress management, smoking cessation) Licensed mental health specialista with pediatric expertise Agency specializing in that area Parenting education Parent educator trained in evaluated curriculum Family services agency Licensed mental health specialista School system’s social work services (Some have parent- ing education programs.) Agricultural extension service (Some have parenting education programs.) Care coordination/case management Licensed mental health specialista with pediatric expertise Local public mental health agency Peer support program Peer support Local organization of National Alliance on Mental Illness, National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Family Support Network, or Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Local public mental health agency Al-Anon a The term licensed mental health specialist encompasses clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, and others permitted by state authority to provide the particular service. Adapted from Appendix S1: sources of specialty services for children with mental health problems and their families. Pediatrics. 2010 125(suppl 3):S126–S127. content/125/Supplement_3/S126. Published June 2010. Accessed February 27, 2018. (continued)
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