Appendix 2 Mental Health Tools for Pediatrics The following table is a snapshot of a work in progress of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Mental Health Leadership Work Group (MHLWG). It is a compilation of tools that are potentially useful at each stage of a clinical process through which mental health content can be inte- grated into pediatric primary care. This process is depicted by algorithms in Appendix 1. A number of chapters offer, in addition, guidance in inter- preting results of commonly used screening tools, including a number of those included in the following table. Several points about the table bear noting. The sequence of tools within each section does not reflect the recommen- dation or preference of the AAP MHLWG for one tool over another. In a number of instances, there are options for use of a tool at more than one place in the process. In these instances, a full description accompa- nies the first mention. Subsequent mentions of the tool include only the tool abbreviation and any reference numbers. In addition to facilitating access to further reading, this setup will assist readers in locating the tool’s full description where it appears in the table. Information about psychometric properties of each tool is available in the latest version of the tool at
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