Introduction This chart is intended to help pediatricians and other phy- sicians and nonphysician clinicians (collectively referred to as health care professionals) have deeper discussions with their patients about childhood and adolescent vaccines, the diseases they help to prevent, and how parents are doing the best for their children by vaccinating fully and on time. The patient-facing pages of the chart are designed for health care professionals to use as a visual aid while addressing patients’ and parents’ questions about vaccines. Infographics and clinical images from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) visual libraries help to illustrate why vaccines remain important in an era when many of these diseases are not encountered by the general public—thanks, widely, to the introduction of vaccines and consequent herd immunity. The information helps patients understand the importance of vaccines, the rationale for the current schedule, and why they are receiving a strong recommen- dation from their health care professionals. The health care professional–facing pages supply additional information for health care professionals about the etiology and nature of the diseases and current recommendations for vaccine schedules. Sections on immunization in preg- nancy offer opportunities to initiate discussions during routine visits with parents expecting a child or planning for another child. Guidance in this chart is derived from AAP resources such as Red Book® and Pediatric Patient Education™ and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine Information Statements and other recommendations. View the most current recommended immunization schedules at General recommendations in this chart are for healthy newborns, infants, children, and adolescents with no immunocompromising risk factors, chronic health care needs, special circumstances, or contraindications. For complete current recommendations for the care of children, consult AAP Red Book® Online (https://redbook. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Red Book Online access, including the latest policy and practice updates, is free to all AAP members and available to non-AAP members by subscription. Parents can find more information on vaccine schedules— as well as information on their child’s development from birth through the teenage years—at, the official AAP website for parents. i VFC - INTERIOR - BOOK STYLE.indd 3 VFC - INTERIOR - BOOK STYLE.indd 3 8/6/20 3:54 PM 8/6/20 3:54 PM
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