APPENDIX C Training Resources for Clinicians American Academy of Pediatrics Implementing Mental Health Priorities in Practice Videos The Implementing Mental Health Priorities in Practice videos provide exam- ples of the use of motivational interviewing to approach common mental health concerns in pediatrics ( mental-health-initiatives/mental-health-education-and-training/). Mental Health Leadership Work Group Residency Curriculum, Module 2: Anxiety This curriculum was developed as a training tool for pediatric continuity clinics to improve residency education on the assessment and management of anxiety in pediatrics ( health-initiatives/residency-curriculum-mental-health-education-resources/ mental-health-residency-curriculum-module-2-anxiety/). The REACH Institute The mission of the REACH Institute is to transform children’s health services by empowering their care professionals (ie, physicians, therapists, parents, and teachers) to know and use the most effective methods for identifying and assisting children with mental health conditions. REACH ( offers interactive, sustained coaching programs to primary care physicians, behavioral health care profession- als, parent advocates, and educators. Specific programs include the Mini- Fellowship in Primary Pediatric Psychopharmacology, Child and Adolescent 11_Psychopharmacology_APP_3ed.indd 195 7/29/21 8:39 AM
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