Pediatric Psychopharmacology for Primary Care 3RD EDITION AUTHOR Mark A. Riddle, MD Confi dently prescribe medications for pediatric psychiatric conditions in a safe and eff ective manner. Th e revised and updated third edition of this best-selling resource provides primary care physicians with practice-tested, condition-specifi c treatment recommendations for various mental and psychiatric disorders or behavioral problems in children and adolescents. Evidence-based conceptual framework for prescribing psychotropic medications for children and adolescents Obtain clear guidance on dosing, monitoring, and potential adverse reactions of psychotropic medications. Ease medication decision-making with a clear, straightforward methodology based on current research and clinical experience. Th is simple, systematic approach defi nes discrete levels of psychotropics and describes their group-specifi c roles and responsibilities in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics policies. Th e accompanying digital tool off ers instant access to authoritative answers on specifi c conditions and psychotropic medications. Topics include CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Emily Frosch, MD, Chair Rebecca A. Baum, MD, FAAP Susan dosReis, PhD Jane Meschan Foy, MD, FAAP Cori M. Green, MD, FAAP Lynne C. Huff man, MD, FAAP David B. Pruitt , MD Gloria M. Reeves, MD Lawrence S. Wissow, MD, MPH, FAAP Mark A. Riddle, MD FOR PRIMARY CARE Pediatric Psychopharmacology 3RD EDITION ★★★★ 4-Star Review “Th is promises to be a useful book for general practitioners as well as others who would like to learn more about prescribing and monitoring psychotropics for youth with psychiatric diagnoses.” Doody’s Book Reviews™ of First Edition Conceptual framework for prescribing psychotropics Newly approved medications, changes in regulations and guidelines, and updates in the professional literature Disrupted sleep and the use of sleep aids Medications for specifi c diagnoses—ADHD, anxiety, and depression US Food and Drug Administration–approved antipsychotics and mood stabilizers and all other medications How to manage treatment impasses AAP For other pediatric resources, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at INCLUDES BONUS DIGITAL TOOL! Get instant answers on specifi c conditions and medications from your desktop or mobile device! PED PSYCHO - COVER SPREAD.indd All Pages 7/29/21 4:05 PM Pediatric Psychopharmacology for Primary Care 3rd Edition Riddle
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