Preface This text was created for pediatric primary care physicians and other health practitioners who care for pediatric patients, to help them understand, guide, and care for children who are faced with plastic and reconstructive surgery–related issues. We hope it will help provide insights into some of the more common conditions seen within the realm of pediatric plastic surgery. In most instances, pediatric plastic surgeons are not only skilled in basic plastic surgery, but they also receive subspecialty training to be able to manage complex conditions that are often seen exclusively in children (eg, vascular malformations, cleft and craniofacial anomalies, pediatric hand issues). In this way, these specialists are unique among the surgical disciplines in terms of the breadth and visibility of the work they undertake. No other specialty manages all tissue types, and in no other specialty is an appreciation for aesthetics so important. Many pediatric plastic surgeons are also involved in global surgical care, in addition to holding leadership positions at home. Most important of all, pediatric plastic surgeons continue to demonstrate a passion for their patients and the work that they do, and we hope this passion is reflected in the pages of this book. We sincerely hope you find this resource to be useful in guiding and supporting the children and families in your care. Peter J. Taub, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS Timothy W. King, MD, PhD, MSBE, FAAP, FACS xvii PedPS_FM_i-xviii.indd 17 PedPS_FM_i-xviii.indd 17 05/03/20 11:54 AM 05/03/20 11:54 AM
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