for Primary Care 2nd Edition P ediatric Otolaryngology Scott R. Schoem, MD, MBA, FAAP David H. Darrow, MD, DDS, FAAP Editors for Primary Care P ediatric Otolaryngology Scott R. Schoem, MD, MBA, FAAP David H. Darrow, MD, DDS, FAAP Editors Get expert help with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders. Here is the ­ resource that busy primary care clinicians need to ­ confidently diagnose and treat traditional ENT disorders and to care for children who require long-term ­ management of chronic ENT ­ conditions. Pediatric Otolaryngology for Primary Care, 2nd Edition, was created by ­ pediatric otolaryngology specialists for the pediatric primary care clinician. This ­ revised and updated resource gives detailed, practical information for everyday use in an ­ easily navigable format. Clinical pearls are included to highlight ­ critical concepts or ­ valuable treatment recommendations. New photos and additional ­ images enhance in-depth understanding of key concepts. KEY FEATURES Three new chapters: Complications of Chronic Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, ­ Feeding Disorders and Ankyloglossia in Infants and Children, and Pediatric ­ Tracheostomy Updated guidelines for treatment of otitis media with effusion Updated recommendations on newborn hearing assessment and evaluation for cytomegalovirus-related hearing loss Updated interventions for treatment of intractable drooling TOPICS INCLUDE Rhinosinusitis Stridor Neonatal hearing screening Treatment for hearing loss Treatment of acute and chronic otitis media Disorders of the tonsils and adenoid Neck masses and adenopathy Chronic cough Feeding disorders and ankyloglossia Facial paralysis Cleft lip and palate Plus much more… For other pediatric resources, visit the American Academy of ­ Pediatrics at 2nd Edition 9 781610 024006 90000 ISBN 978-1-61002-400-6 aap P e d ia t r ic O t o l a r y n g o l o g y for Primary Care 2nd Edition Schoem Darrow
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