Preface The purpose of this book is to provide primary care physicians, pediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, residents, medical students, and health care professionals with a brief and complete discussion of orthopaedic problems and common sports injuries in children and adolescents. The book can serve as a quick reference guide for health care professionals who evaluate and manage musculoskeletal and sports- related concerns in the pediatric population. The book offers an overview approach and includes differential diagnosis and work- up of patients with musculoskeletal concerns, injuries, or related conditions. A lim- ited number of specific references and a few key resources are included for further in-depth reading. Cross-referencing is extensively provided to avoid repetition and redundancy. We have presented the material in a simple and practical manner. For this fully updated and revised third edition, three new chapters have been added. The new topic areas focus on bone health, femoroacetabular impingement, and pediatric athletes with disabilities, all of which we feel broaden the scope and utility of the book. We hope these additions will prove valuable to the reader. We thank the contributors for their authoritative contributions to this guide. We greatly appreciate the outstanding editorial assistance of Chris Wiberg, senior editor, and to the publishing staff of the American Academy of Pediatrics for their help and support. We hope that our readers—everywhere—will find this book highly useful. John F. Sarwark, MD, FAAP, FAAOS Cynthia R. LaBella, MD, FAAP, FAMSSM NOTE: In the interest of brevity, the term “parent” is used in this book to refer to a parent or other legal guardian.
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