Preface The fourth edition of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) book Pediatric Ophthalmology for Primary Care has been significantly revised and updated while maintaining the reader-friendly style that has made it so popular. All chapters have been updated and revised with updated key references and tables. Figures have been updated and new figures added. Updated ­ sections include the topics of optic nerve hypoplasia, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, lymphangiomas, retinopathy of prematurity, retinoblastoma, Aicardi syndrome, Niemann-Pick ­ disease, and genetics. Treatment updates for capillary hemangioma, keratoconus, and gene therapy are discussed. New topics added to this edition include gyrate atrophy, iris cysts, pilomatrixoma, pyogenic granulomas, and cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis. This AAP handbook is remarkably complete, despite its “little” size. A wide variety of subjects are covered, from the common chalazion to more esoteric topics like Alagille syndrome. Our aim was to create a textbook that is clear and succinct, with just the right amount of information on a topic. This book is an excellent resource for pediatricians and family physicians but can also be useful for parent education. We personally use it on a daily basis in the clinic to help explain topics to residents and parents. We are in an era when so much information can be found online, often confusing physicians and parents alike with either too detailed, outdated, or inaccurate information. We hope this textbook makes learning about the wonderful field of pediatric ­ ophthalmology more accessible, which will ultimately improve the care of our patients. We ­ sincerely hope you enjoy using this new edition. Kenneth W. Wright, MD Yi Ning J. Strube, MD, MS, FRCSC, DABO
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