VII Introduction The revised Current Procedural Terminology® office and other outpatient evaluation and management (E/M) codes (99202–99205 and 99211–99215) will go into effect January 1, 2021. These changes will affect all physicians who provide E/M services in the office, hospital outpatient department, and other settings. While the changes are intended to reduce the complex- ity of code selection and reduce documentation burden, the fact that the guidelines and code descriptors introduce a completely new code selection methodology means that a clear understanding of the changes is key for suc- cessful implementation. Being familiar with these changes will help you assess how you and your practice will be affected in terms of documentation, code selection, and revisions that might be necessary to your current coding resources. This publication contains contents curated from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) line of coding publications. The first half of the book is a chapter excerpted from Coding for Pediatrics 2021. The chapter, “Office and Other Outpatient Evaluation and Management Services,” contains a detailed overview of the changes, key definitions, coding examples, and much more. The Appendix in the second half of the book contains articles from the AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter™. In January 2020, the newsletter began publishing articles related to the coding revisions. You will find that series of articles in this book. Within the articles, you will find detailed information on the codes and examples to help guide implementation. The articles appear in the order in which they were published and we recommend reading them in that order, as each article builds on the previous articles’ contents. The AAP coding experts stand ready to assist you with any coding-related questions or concerns. The AAP Coding Hotline can be contacted at https:// Ped Office-based EM Coding booklet interior.indd 7 Ped Office-based EM Coding booklet interior.indd 7 9/14/20 12:02 PM 9/14/20 12:02 PM
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