Appendices 1617 APP Appendix O Sodium Content of Foods, mg per Serving 400 mg 251–400 mg 141–250 mg 51–140 mg 50 mg or less ¹⁄tsp 8 salt ¾ tsp monosodium glutamate 1 bouillon cube 1 average serving ea:½cup ½ cup of cooked rice, spaghetti, noodles, hominy, seasoned with salt ½ cup drained sauerkraut 1 average frankfurter (1½ oz) 1 oz salami 3 oz shrimp (frozen, treated and thawed), cooked 1 tsp soy sauce ½ cup regularly seasoned spinach, beets, beet greens 1 hard roll rice cooked in salted water 2 thin slices bacon, crisp and drained 3 oz canned sardines or salmon 1 oz plain, salted, hard pretzels ½ cup grits cooked in salted water ½ cup tomato juice 3 oz fish fillets, previously frozen, cooked (cod, pollock) 1 oz turkey deli meat 1 slice regular bread ½ cup canned carrots or seasoned vegetables not listed elsewhere 1 cup pasta cooked in salted water 1 oz natural cheddar cheese 1 tbsp catsup 1 oz plain potato chips 1 Tbsp of BBQ sauce 1 oz low sodium turkey deli meat ½ cup of the following unsalted vegetables:frozen, frozen mixed peas and carrots, beets, spinach ¾ cup milk (6 oz) ½ cup pasta cooked in salted water 1 oz tuna, drained (not rinsed) 1 tsp or 1 packet yellow mustard 1 round slice kosher or dill pickle 5 saltine crackers 3 oz shrimp (fresh), cooked ½ cup of the following fresh, or canned vegetables, canned without salt: 1 artichoke (edible base and leaves), carrots, celery, dandelion greens, kale, mustard greens, peas (black- eyed), succotash, turnip greens, turnip (white), lima beans 1 oz fresh, cooked fish fillet (cod or pollock) From US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28. Version Current: September 2015, slightly revised May 2016. Available at: Accessed May 25, 2017. To help maintain a lower-sodium diet, on food labels, select items with 140 mg or less per serving size, and avoid foods with visible salt, such as potato chips, pretzels, or salted nuts. ch53-AppO-1617-1618-9781610023603.indd 1617 7/29/19 6:48 AM
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