TABLE OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS 489 PEDIATRIC ICD-10-CM 2022: A MANUAL FOR PROVIDER-BASED CODING Table of Drugs and Chemicals The following table is a quick reference for all poisonings (accidental/unintentional, intentional/self-harm, assault), adverse effects, and underdosing as a result of a specific drug or chemical. The drugs/chemicals are listed alphabetically with their respective subcategory code. Every code is listed with a dash (-) to indicate that the next character is missing and should be reported with the fifth or sixth character as follows: 1 Poisoning, accidental, unintentional 2 Poisoning, intentional, self-harm 3 Poisoning, assault 4 Poisoning, undetermined 5 Adverse effect 6 Underdosing DO NOT CODE FROM THE TABLE ALWAYS REFER TO THE TABULAR. If the code requires an “encounter type,” please refer to the tabular for more details. EXAMPLE Accidental Poisoning From Lysol—Initial Encounter Lysol is listed as T54.1X-. Lysol accidental poisoning would be T54.1X1-. Lysol accidental poisoning, initial encounter, would be T54.1X1A. Underdosing of Barbiturate Follow-up Encounter Barbiturate is listed as T42.3X-. Underdosing of barbiturate would be T42.3X6-. Underdosing of barbiturate, subsequent encounter, would be T42.3X6D. Drug/Chemical Code 1-propanol T51.3X- 2-propanol T51.2X- 2,4-D (dichlorophen-oxyacetic acid) T60.3X- 2,4-toluene diisocyanate T65.0X- 2,4,5-T (trichloro-phenoxyacetic acid) T60.1X- 14-hydroxydihydro-morphinone T40.2X- ABOB T37.5X- Abrine T62.2X- Abrus (seed) T62.2X- Absinthe (beverage) T51.0X- Acaricide T60.8X- Acebutolol T44.7X- Acecarbromal T42.6X- Aceclidine T44.1X- Acedapsone T37.0X- Acefylline piperazine T48.6X- Acemorphan T40.2X- Acenocoumarin / Acenocoumarol T45.51- Acepifylline T48.6X- Acepromazine T43.3X- Acesulfamethoxypyridazine T37.0X- Acetal T52.8X- Acetaldehyde (vapor) T52.8X- liquid T65.89- P-Acetamidophenol T39.1X- Acetaminophen T39.1X- Acetaminosalol T39.1X- Acetanilide T39.1X- Acetarsol T37.3X- Acetazolamide T50.2X- Acetiamine T45.2X- Acetic acid T54.2X- w/sodium acetate (ointment) T49.3X- ester (solvent) (vapor) T52.8X- irrigating solution T50.3X- medicinal (lotion) T49.2X- anhydride T65.89- ether (vapor) T52.8X- Acetohexamide T38.3X- Acetohydroxamic acid T50.99- Acetomenaphthone T45.7X- Drug/Chemical Code Acetomorphine T40.1X- Acetone (oils) T52.4X- Acetonitrile T52.8X- Acetophenazine T43.3X- Acetophenetedin T39.1X- Acetophenone T52.4X- Acetorphine T40.2X- Acetosulfone (sodium) T37.1X- Acetrizoate (sodium) T50.8X- Acetrizoic acid T50.8X- Acetyl (bromide) (chloride) T53.6X- Acetylcarbromal T42.6X- Acetylcholine (chloride) T44.1X- derivative T44.1X- Acetylcysteine T48.4X- Acetyldigitoxin T46.0X- Acetyldigoxin T46.0X- Acetyldihydrocodeine T40.2X- Acetyldihydrocodeinone T40.2X- Acetylene (gas) T59.89- dichloride T53.6X- incomplete combustion of T58.1- industrial T59.89- tetrachloride T53.6X- vapor T53.6X- Acetylpheneturide T42.6X- Acetylphenylhydrazine T39.8X- Acetylsalicylic acid (salts) T39.01- enteric coated T39.01- Acetylsulfamethoxypyridazine T37.0X- Achromycin T36.4X- ophthalmic preparation T49.5X- topical NEC T49.0X- Aciclovir T37.5X- Acid (corrosive) NEC T54.2X- Acidifying agent NEC T50.90- Acipimox T46.6X- Acitretin T50.99- Aclarubicin T45.1X- Aclatonium napadisilate T48.1X- Aconite (wild) T46.99- Aconitine T46.99- ICD-10_2022.indb 489 8/12/21 4:20 PM 1-p ro p A conitine
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