sacral region S30.810
scalp S00.01
scapular region see Abrasion, shoulder
scrotum S30.813
shin see Abrasion, leg
shoulder S40.21
skin NEC T14.8
sternal region S20.319
submaxillary region S00.81
submental region S00.81
finger (s) see Abrasion, finger
toe (s) see Abrasion, toe
supraclavicular fossa S10.81
supraorbital S00.81
temple S00.81
temporal region S00.81
testis S30.813
thigh S70.31-
thorax, thoracic (wall) S20.91
back S20.41-
front S20.31-
throat S10.11
thumb S60.31-
toe (s) (lesser) S90.416
great S90.41-
tongue S00.512
tooth, teeth (dentifrice) (habitual) (hard tissues)
(occupational) (ritual)
(traditional) K03.1
trachea S10.11
tunica vaginalis S30.813
tympanum, tympanic membrane see Abrasion, ear
uvula S00.512
vagina S30.814
vocal cords S10.11
vulva S30.814
wrist S60.81-
Abscess (connective tissue) (embolic) (fistulous) (metastatic)
(multiple) (pernicious)
(pyogenic) (septic)
abdomen, abdominal
cavity K65.1
wall L02.211
abdominopelvic K65.1
accessory sinus see Sinusitis
alveolar K04.7
anus K61.0
apical (tooth) K04.7
appendix K35.3
areola (acute) (chronic) (nonpuerperal) N61.1
axilla (region) L02.41
lymph gland or node L04.2
back (any part, except buttock) L02.212
Bartholin’s gland N75.1
brain (any part) (cystic) (otogenic) G06.0
breast (acute) (chronic) (nonpuerperal) N61.1
newborn P39.0
buccal cavity K12.2
buttock L02.31
cerebellum, cerebellar G06.0
sequelae G09
cecum K35.3
cerebral (embolic) G06.0
sequelae G09
cervical (meaning neck) L02.11
lymph gland or node L04.0
cheek (external) L02.01
inner K12.2
chest J86.9
with fistula J86.0
wall L02.213
chin L02.01
circumtonsillar J36
cranium G06.0
dental K04.7
dentoalveolar K04.7
ear (middle) see also Otitis, media, suppurative
acute see Otitis, media, suppurative, acute
external H60.0-
peripleuritic J86.9
with fistula J86.0
peritoneum, peritoneal (perforated) (ruptured) K65.1
with appendicitis K35.3
peritonsillar J36
perityphlic K35.3
phagedenic NOS L02.91
chancroid A57
pleura J86.9
with fistula J86.0
pilonidal L05.01
postcecal K35.3
postnasal J34.0
postpharyngeal J39.0
posttonsillar J36
retropharyngeal J39.0
root, tooth K04.7
rupture (spontaneous) NOS L02.91
scalp (any part) L02.811
scrofulous (tuberculous) A18.2
septal, dental K04.7
sinus (accessory) (chronic) (nasal) see also Sinusitis
intracranial venous (any) G06.0
specified site NEC L02.818
sphenoidal (sinus) (chronic) J32.3
subarachnoid G06.2
brain G06.0
spinal cord G06.1
subcecal K35.3
subcutaneous see also Abscess, by site
subdural G06.2
brain G06.0
sequelae G09
spinal cord G06.1
subgaleal L02.811
sublingual K12.2
gland K11.3
submandibular (region) (space) (triangle) K12.2
gland K11.3
submaxillary (region) L02.01
gland K11.3
submental L02.01
gland K11.3
temple L02.01
temporal region L02.01
temporosphenoidal G06.0
testes N45.4
thyroid (gland) E06.0
thorax J86.9
with fistula J86.0
tongue (staphylococcal) K14.0
tonsil (s) (lingual) J36
tonsillopharyngeal J36
tooth, teeth (root) K04.7
trunk L02.219
abdominal wall L02.211
back L02.212
chest wall L02.213
groin L02.214
perineum L02.215
umbilicus L02.216
umbilicus L02.216
limb L02.41-
uvula K12.2
vermiform appendix K35.3
vulvovaginal gland N75.1
Absence (of) (organ or part) (complete or partial)
albumin in blood E88.09
alimentary tract (congenital) Q45.8
upper Q40.8
anus (congenital) Q42.3
with fistula Q42.2
aorta (congenital) Q25.41
appendix, congenital Q42.8
artery (congenital) (peripheral) Q27.8
pulmonary Q25.79
umbilical Q27.0
atrial septum (congenital) Q21.1
bile, biliary duct, congenital Q44.5
corpus callosum Q04.0
Abrasion, continued Abscess, continued Abscess, continued
epididymis N45.4
epidural G06.2
brain G06.0
spinal cord G06.1
erysipelatous see Erysipelas
esophagus K20.8
ethmoid (bone) (chronic) (sinus) J32.2
extradural G06.2
brain G06.0
sequelae G09
spinal cord G06.1
eyelid H00.03-
face (any part, except ear, eye and nose) L02.01
foot L02.61-
forehead L02.01
frontal sinus (chronic) J32.1
gallbladder K81.0
gluteal (region) L02.31
groin L02.214
hand L02.51-
head NEC L02.811
face (any part, except ear, eye and nose) L02.01
heel see Abscess, foot
iliac (region) L02.214
ileocecal K35.3
iliac (region) L02.214
fossa K35.3
inguinal (region) L02.214
lymph gland or node L04.1
intracranial G06.0
intratonsillar J36
knee see also Abscess, lower limb
joint M00.9
lateral (alveolar) K04.7
lingual K14.0
tonsil J36
lip K13.0
loin (region) L02.211
lower limb L02.41
lumbar (tuberculous) A18.01
nontuberculous L02.212
lymph, lymphatic, gland or node (acute) see also
Lymphadenitis, acute
mesentery I88.0
marginal, anus K61.0
maxilla, maxillary M27.2
molar (tooth) K04.7
premolar K04.7
sinus (chronic) J32.0
mons pubis L02.215
mouth (floor) K12.2
myocardium I40.0
nasal J32.9
navel L02.216
newborn P38.9
with mild hemorrhage P38.1
without hemorrhage P38.9
neck (region) L02.11
lymph gland or node L04.0
nipple N61.1
nose (external) (fossa) (septum) J34.0
sinus (chronic) see Sinusitis
otogenic G06.0
palate (soft) K12.2
hard M27.2
parapharyngeal J39.0
parietal region (scalp) L02.811
parotid (duct) (gland) K11.3
region K12.2
pectoral (region) L02.213
perianal K61.0
periapical K04.7
periappendicular K35.3
pericardial I30.1
pericecal K35.3
perineum, perineal (superficial) L02.215
urethra N34.0
periodontal (parietal) K05.21
apical K04.7
peripharyngeal J39.0
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