A02.9 A15.8 A50.59 B837.84 B69.0 B65.8 C40.01 C81.92 C93.32 D23.39
E03.2 E08.649 E10.10 F17.210 F14.920 F19.239 G43.009 G44.229 G83.9
H00.036 H40.33X4 H52.223 H60.393 I05.1 I36.9 I80.219 I97.191 J01.00
J10.8 J30.89 J36 J84.843 K04.7 K08.409 K13.79 K29.91 K78.89 L02.93
L23.0 L89.019 L98.9 M00.89 M20.12 M25.775 M41.129 N01.9 N20.9 N35.
N90.818 O10.03 O31.8X3 O36.5 O40.1XX P00.0 P03.810 P07.2 P23 P24
P91.63 Q07.03 Q38.1 Q71.819 Q87.43 R04.2 R11.14 R29.891 R40.21 R55 R
R81 S00.24 S00.50 S01.121 S06.0X S40.0 T37.0 T38.3X6 T42.0X6 T44.5
T58.14X T81.33X T88.9XX V00.14 V01.09X V11.1XX V32.3XX W06 W16.0 W
W21.2 W22.03X W51.XXX X11 X31.XXX X95.02X Y92.0 Y92.218 Y93.3 Y93
Z01.0 Z02.89 Z09 Z13.89 Z21 Z83.6 A09 A18.3 A25 A50.51 B00.2 B18.9 B37.8
C80.0 C82.41 C93.92 D17.24 D47.Z1 D49.0 D52.0 D57.811 E05.90 E09.32
E22.9 E71.510 F07.8 F15.1 F32.4 F50.8 F63.2 F71 F68 G03.9 G80.3 G90.5
H10.023 H35.113 H55.09 H72.2X I02.9 I27 I33.0 I67 J05.11 J12.0 J20 J34.
K05.00 K11.23 K50.019 K65 L02.239 LL03.116 L20.89 L40.5 L65.8 L72.1
M12.512 M33.00 M41.129 M60.077 M90.5 N04.1 N18.5 N28 N48.89 N70.03
O24.414 O35.3XX O75.4 P12.89 P29.89 P52.22 P74.9 P83.5 Q25.79 Q42
Q85.9 R09.8 R19.09 R33.9 R52 S12.001 S20.319 S30.813 S50.02X T17.22 T2
❖ 3rd Edition ❖
ICD-10-CM 2018
The latest ICD-10-CM code set, streamlined
for pediatric coding. Features index and ­
tabular lists in an easy-to-use format with
relevant guidelines alongside the codes.
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