1197 A p p e n d i x E Chairs of the AAP Council on Environmental Health Committee on Radiation Hazards and Epidemiology of Malformations Robert A. Aldrich, MD 1957–1961 In 1961, the committee was split in 2: a short-lived Committee on Malformations and the Committee on Environmental Hazards. Committee on Environmental Hazards Lee E. Farr, MD 1961–1967 Paul F. Wehrle, MD 1967–1973 Robert W. Miller, MD, DrPH 1973–1979 Laurence Finberg, MD 1979–1980 In 1979, the AAP established the Committee on Genetics with Charles Scriver, MD, as chair. In 1980, the AAP combined this committee with the Committee on Environmental Hazards to form the: Committee on Genetics & Environmental Hazards Laurence Finberg, MD Cochair, 1980–1983 Charles Scriver, MD Cochair, 1980–1983 In 1983, the 2 committees were separated again. Committee on Environmental Hazards Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc 1983–1987 Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH 1987–1991 In 1991, the committee was renamed the Committee on Environmental Health. 71_PEH_AppE_1197-1198.indd 1197 9/12/18 8:03 AM
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