1189 A p p e n d i x D AAP Policy Statements, Technical Reports, and Clinical Reports Authored by the Council on Environmental Health Please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) public online policy site for updated information and access to COEH-authored AAP policy documents: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/collection/council-environmental-health CURRENT STATEMENTS Food Additives and Child Health Policy Statement: Pediatrics, Vol. 142, No. 2, e20181408, August 2018 Technical Report: Pediatrics, Vol. 142, No. 2, e20181410, August 2018 Indoor Environmental Control Practices and Asthma Management Pediatrics, Vol. 138, No. 5, e20162589, November 2016 Prevention of Childhood Lead Toxicity Pediatrics, Vol. 138, No. 1, e20161493, July 2016 Nontherapeutic Use of Antimicrobial Agents in Animal Agriculture: Implications for Pediatrics Pediatrics, Vol. 136, No. 6, e1670–e1677, December 2015 Global Climate Change and Children’s Health Policy Statement: Pediatrics, Vol. 136, No. 5, 992–997, November 2015 Technical Report: Pediatrics, Vol. 136, No. 5, e1468–e1484, November 2015 70_PEH_AppD_1189-1196.indd 1189 10/2/18 10:12 AM
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