895 A p p e n d i x D AAP Patient Education Materials Related to Environmental Health Issues Following is a list of patient education materials from the American Academy of Pediatrics relating to environmental health issues. Many titles are available in brochure format, sold in packs of 50. All titles are available in 8 ½" x 11" handout format to subscribers of Patient Education Online at www.patiented. aap.org. Contact the AAP bookstore at 888-227-1770 or visit the bookstore online at www.aap.org/bookstore to place an order or for more information. ■■ Acute Ear Infections and Your Child ■■ Allergies in Children ■■ Anemia and Your Young Child ■■ Asthma and Your Child ■■ Dangers of Secondhand Smoke ■■ Fun in the Sun: Keep Your Family Safe ■■ Lead Is a Poison: What You Need to Know ■■ Middle Ear Fluid and Your Child ■■ The Risks of Tobacco Use ■■ Smokeless Tobacco: What You Need to Know ■■ Tobacco: Straight Talk for Teens ■■ Your Child and the Environment Parents can access information on AAP’s parenting Web site HealthyChildren.org.
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