Figure Credits
All figures not included in the following list are courtesy of the American
Academy of Pediatrics. Special thanks to Anthony J. Mancini, MD; Daniel P.
Krowchuk, MD; J. Thomas Badgett, MD, PhD; Anna L. Bruckner, MD;
Amy Jo Nopper, MD; Steven D. Resnick, MD; Michael L. Smith, MD;
and Patricia A. Treadwell, MD.
Figure 110.3. Reprinted with permission
from Leonard D, Koca R, Acun C, et al.
Visual diagnosis: three infants who
have perioral and acral skin lesions.
Pediatr Rev. 2007;28(8):312–318.
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention
Figure 20.1
Rebecca Collins, MD
Figure 75.2
Figures 2.7, 35A.2, 37.2, 37.3, 45.4, 55.8,
57.1, 57.2, 91.9, 114.4, 114.6. Reprinted
with permission from Elsevier. From
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Figure 114.5. Reprinted with permission
from Elsevier. From Mancini AJ.
Childhood exanthems: a primer
and update for the dermatologist.
Adv Dermatol. 2000;16:3–38.
Alan B. Fleischer Jr, MD
Figure 78.1
Laurence Givner, MD
Figure 91.11
Chad Haldeman-Englert, MD
Figures 111.1, 111.2, 111.3
Kimberly Horii, MD
Figures 85.3, 88.1
Brandon Newell, MD
Figures 85.5, 87.1, 109.2, 116.1
Howard Pride, MD
Figures 13.1, 13.2, 15.1, 15.2, 17.2,
22.2, 56.1
Mary Rimsza, MD
Figures 20.2, 98.1
Paul J. Sagerman, MD
Figures 93.2, 98.3
Walter W. Tunnesen Jr, MD
Figure 1.10
Anthony J. Vivian, FRCS, FRCOphth
Figure 83.5
Albert Yan, MD
Figures 7.8, 91.5
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