246 Documentation Elements of Otitis Media Laterality Incidence Type (Suppurative and nonsuppurative are less specific than other terms.) Tympanic Membrane Status Right Left Bilateral Acute/subacute Acute recurrent Chronic In disease classified elsewherea (eg, influenza) Serous Allergic (includes otitis media stated as allergic and mucoid, sanguineous, or serous) Mucoid Glue ear Exudative Secretory Sanguineous Seromucinous Transudative Nonsuppurative/with effusion/catarrhal Suppurative/purulent Atticoantral Tubotympanic Benign chronic suppurative With associated perforation Without associated perforation a Type is not designated in codes for otitis media in disease classified elsewhere. Appendix B-9 Transitioning to 10: Documentation and Coding of Otitis Media (continued from page 245)
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