244 Seizure disorder is reported as epilepsy per the alphabetic index instruction. However, a single seizure or seizure with identified cause such as fever or trauma is not reported as epilepsy unless status epilepticus is documented. As with convulsions, the alphabetic index provides direction to the correct codes for these seizures. Seizure(s) (see also Convulsions) R56.9 - febrile (simple) R56.00 - - with status epilepticus G40.901 - - complex (atypical) (complicated) R56.01 - - - with status epilepticus G40.901 - post-traumatic R56.1 For seizure due to migraine headache, code first migraine with aura followed by the appropriate code for epilepsy (G40.-) or seizure (R56.9). Documentation Elements To support correct ICD-10-CM coding of epilepsy and related syndromes, it is necessary to specify the type of epilepsy, wheth- er or not the condition is intractable (eg, fails to be controlled on antiepileptic medications), and, when indicated, status epilepticus. When documenting convulsions or seizures, the type (eg, febrile), severity (simple or complex), and, when indicated, status epilepticus will support the most specific code and best identify the complexity of the condition requiring diagnosis and management or treatment. Appendix B-8 Transitioning to 10: Epilepsy (continued from page 243)
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