241 Documentation elements are fairly straightforward with most common terms included in the index, including various syndromes such as Blackfan-Diamond. When the under- lying cause of anemia is identified (eg, acute blood loss), documentation will support more specific coding. When documented, any associated fever (R50.81) is additionally reportable with sickle cell disorders. Codes indicating crisis are reported for dactylitis or vasoocclusive pain. Codes can further specify crisis with acute chest syndrome or splenic sequestration when indicated. Anemia without further specification is reported as anemia, unspecified (D64.9). Coders should be careful to avoid coding for anemia when only deficiency or trait is documented. Iron deficiency without diagnosis of anemia is reported as a nutritional deficiency with code E61.1. Sickle cell trait is reported with code D57.3. Screening for Anemia Iron deficiency is a concern in infants and young children due to potential effects on neurodevelopment. For this reason, screening is recommended in the presence of certain risk factors and at age 12 months. To report screening for iron deficiency anemia, use ICD-10-CM code Z13.0, encounter for screening for diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism. Code Z13.0 is also appropriate for reporting screening for sickle cell trait.
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