224 W21 Striking against or struck by sports equipment Excludes1: assault with sports equipment (Y08.0-) striking against or struck by sports equipment with subsequent fall (W18.01) The appropriate 7th character is to be added to each code from category W21. A initial encounter D subsequent encounter S sequela W21.00X√ Struck by hit or thrown ball, unspecified type W21.01X√ Struck by football W21.02X√ Struck by soccer ball W21.03X√ Struck by baseball W21.04X√ Struck by golf ball W21.05X√ Struck by basketball W21.06X√ Struck by volleyball W21.07X√ Struck by softball W21.09X√ Struck by other hit or thrown ball W21.11X√ Struck by baseball bat W21.12X√ Struck by tennis racquet W21.13X√ Struck by golf club W21.19X√ Struck by other bat, racquet or club W21.210√ Struck by ice hockey stick W21.211√ Struck by field hockey stick W21.220√ Struck by ice hockey puck W21.221√ Struck by field hockey puck W21.31X√ Struck by shoe cleats (Stepped on) W21.32X√ Struck by skate blades (Skated over) W21.39X√ Struck by other sports foot wear W21.4XX√ Striking against diving board Use additional code for subsequent falling into water, if applicable (W16.-). W21.81X√ Striking against or struck by football helmet W21.89X√ Striking against or struck by other sports equipment Appendix A-3 Icd-10-Cm Codes to Identify Object in Injury Due to Striking/Struck By Sports Equipment
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