Now answer these questions to test yourself on the information in the last section. Refer to the
graphs or charts in the unit, as necessary, to answer these questions.
B1. True False Vitamins given orally or through a feeding tube should be diluted with the vol-
ume of a full feeding or split over several feedings.
B2. A baby weighing 2,250 g (4 lb, 15½ oz) will not take more than 30 mL (1 oz) of formula every 4 hours
on the third day after birth. What should be done for this baby?
B3. A baby born at 27 weeks’ gestation, with a birth weight of 1,050 g (2 lb 5 oz), weighs this much on
the following days:
1,350 g at 30 days
1,450 g at 34 days
1,540 g at 38 days
1,600 g at 40 days
Is this baby following the expected growth pattern? ___ Yes ___ No
B4. Vitamins for low birth weight babies
Yes No
___ ___ Are unnecessary if a baby is receiving breast milk
___ ___ Should be mixed in a baby’s feedings
___ ___ Should be given separate from a feeding
___ ___ May be started when a baby is tolerating feedings well
Check your answers with the list that follows the Recommended Routines. Correct any incorrect
answers and review the appropriate section in the unit.
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