I am pleased to announce that the third edition of Newborn Intensive Care: What Every
Parent Needs to Know starts a new life as a publication of the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP). This edition is not only revised and updated by authors who are
experts in the field of neonatology, but is now supported by the education, national
policy, and research efforts of the AAP.
This third edition is a major accomplishment from a dedicated group of physicians,
nurse practitioners, neonatal nurses, social workers, and neonatal intensive care unit
(NICU) parents who were supported by the AAP publications team of content reviewers,
copy editors, designers, and project staff.
Thanks to my family for their understanding and support during this intensive project.
Thanks to the authors of this book for contributing their valuable time, writing talent,
and professional expertise.
Thanks to Charles and Suzanne Rait of NICU Ink Book Publishers for accepting the
original proposal for this book and for guiding me through the first 2 editions. Most
important, thank you for your valuable and enduring friendship.
Thanks to the AAP team.
Mark Grimes, Director, Division of Product Development, for his support of this project
and his willingness to explore acquisition of this book for publication.
Eileen Glasstetter, Manager, Division of Product Development, who kept everyone on
track and on time, encouraged and supported me at every turn, and guided our project
to completion on a very aggressive timeline.
Wendy Marie Simon, Director, Division of Life Support Programs, who has always
believed in the value of this book for NICU parents and introduced it to colleagues
at the AAP. Thank you for being my friend and Destiny Person.
Thank you to the many people who contributed to the photographs and artwork for
this book. Your pictures are worth a thousand words.
Gigi O’Dea of Memory Portraits by Gigi, Sarasota, FL, for contributing her amazing
photographs of NICU babies and their families, including the 3 photos for our cover.
Heidi Nakamura, University of Washington Medical Center NICU.
Lauren Thorngate, University of Washington Medical Center NICU, who facilitated the
acquisition of numerous photographs and parent permissions.
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