xxi Preface The scope of pediatric primary care has expanded as advances in prena- tal, neonatal, and pediatric specialty care have improved survival among neonates whose births are complicated by prematurity, low birth weight, congenital disorders and birth defects, and maternal conditions affecting the newborn. Neonatology for Primary Care is a resource created specifi- cally for the pediatric care professional (pediatrician, family physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant) who treats newborns in the hospital setting or provides pediatric primary care for both healthy and medically complex infants. The content included covers the continuum of care from delivery through the care needed during the hospitalization and after discharge of the healthy term and late preterm infant, as well as the neonate who requires specialized newborn or neonatal intensive care because of the spectrum of conditions that can affect the health and well-being of the neonate. Neonatology for Primary Care contains evidence- based practice guidance and provides tools to support the in-hospital and after-hospital community care for healthy and at-risk infants. This second edition has been fully revised, updated, and rereviewed to reflect the many new developments in neonatal care since the book’s original publication in 2015. We have also added a number of new chapters covering topics including safe sleep, newborn immunizations, prenatal diagnosis, vascular anomalies, neonatal nutrition, and home technolo- gies for the high-risk infant. We are pleased to have engaged more than a dozen new expert physician authors to present these and other vital new topics in newborn care. In assembling this reference, we have capitalized on the unique resources of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Each chapter has been reviewed by experts from relevant AAP sections, committees, and councils—more than 30 groups in total over the course of the book, representing specialty perspectives ranging from genetics to neurology to child health financing. The contributing authors and I are grateful for these reviewers’ expertise and generous feedback.
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