Neonatology for Primary Care 2nd Edition Editor: Deborah E. Campbell, MD, FAAP The revised and updated second edition covers practical approaches to caring for healthy and high-risk newborns and infants. Topics covered include maternal and fetal health, care of the newborn after delivery, breastfeeding, follow-up care, common congenital anomalies, the newborn with a heart murmur or cyanosis, neurologic findings, primary care issues relating to newborns and infants requiring intensive care, and health and developmental outcomes. The content covers the continuum of care from delivery through hospitalization and discharge for the healthy term and late preterm newborn and infant, as well as the newborn who requires specialized neonatal intensive care. More than 40 chapters cover step-by-step recommendations on what to do, when to admit, and when to refer. Detailed references and links to relevant American Academy of Pediatrics policies are noted within each chapter. New in the second edition 8 new chapters, including Prenatal Diagnosis Fetal Interventions Optimizing Nutrition for the Preterm, Very Low-Birth-Weight Infant After ­ Discharge From Neonatal Intensive Care Newborn Immunizations and Immune Prophylaxis Balancing Safe Sleep and Other ­ Recommendations for Newborns Vascular Anomalies Endocrine Disorders Manifesting in the Newborn Period Shared Decision Making Around Home Technologies Comprehensive coverage includes Perinatal preventive care Routine care issues Assessment and physical examination of the newborn Neonatal medical conditions Caring for the high-risk infant Neonatal outcomes Medicolegal considerations Support for families during perinatal illness and death Neonatology for Primary Care, 2nd Edition, is an ideal resource for pediatricians, family physicians, medical students, residents, residency program directors, physician assistants, pediatric nurse practitioners, and nurses. For other neonatal and pediatric resources, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at AAP Neonatology for Primary Care 2nd Edition Neonatology for Primary Care 2nd Edition Editor: Deborah E. Campbell, MD, FAAP
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