453 APPENDIX A Appendix A Approximate Scenario Duration: ______ (Minutes) Original Author(s): Reviewed By: Original Date: Revised Date(s): SCENARIO DESIGN TEMPLATE SCENARIO NAME/PATIENT NAME: 1. Course Planning and Logistics a. General scenario description: b. Learner population (include group size, discipline, and training level): c. Precourse work (eg, prereading, video review, prerequisite skills): d. Simulation center reserved? Yes/No e. In situ (please specify simulation environment): __________________________________________________________________ (eg, NICU, ED, ambulance) f. Instructor name g. SP (actor) name Role SP script? (Yes/No) 2. Goals and Learning Objectives (ABCD or SMART) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (continued) NeoSim.indb 453 2/21/21 12:13 PM
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