XIII Preface In 2000, Louis P. Halamek, MD, FAAP, proposed a new approach to teaching neonatal resuscitation that capital- ized on existing teaching models and incorporated simulation, such as that used by the military, aerospace, and other high-risk industries. Through “NeoSim”—“hands-on” neonatal resuscitation training and postsimulation debriefing—Dr Halamek brought this new paradigm—simulation-based education—to the field of neonatology. Now, 20 years later, simulation-based education is the mainstay of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program® that teaches thousands of health care professionals in more than 130 countries. Over the years, simulation has been applied to many other aspects of education in neonatology, including procedural skills training, competency assessment, and teamwork and leadership training. In more recent years, simulation in neonatology has further expanded to include testing of new and existing health care environments, educating families on the care of neonates with medical complexities, analyzing new medical devices, and even conducting virtual simulations. The impetus for creating Neonatal Simulation: A Practical Guide was 2-fold. First, we recognized that while there are a variety of published adult and pediatric simulation books, none exist for neonatology. Thus, we wanted to fill this void. Second, we wanted to make the innovative work of the neonatal simulation community easily accessible to health professions educators, simulationists, researchers, and any other groups who can benefit from its content—to enhance learning, patient care, and, ultimately, patient outcomes. The beginning chapters cover learning theory, fundamentals of scenario design, and simulation and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. The later chapters cover specific applications of simulation in neonatology, and debriefing techniques. Images and appendixes are included, where appropriate, to augment chapters, and central points at the end of each chapter summarize content and offer a quick reference. The book is a culmination of many hours of work by a growing interdisciplinary community of neonatal sim- ulation experts who have shared their insights, research, and experience with us. We thank them immensely for their dedication to the field and their willingness to share. We would especially like to thank the publishing team at the American Academy of Pediatrics in particular, we thank Alain Park, Barrett Winston, and Heather Babiar, our editors, who believed in this project at its outset and supported us over the span of 3 years. Last, we would like to thank all of you, who care for the tiniest of patients every day we hope this book will help you teach and learn. Lamia Soghier, MD, MEd, CHSE, FAAP Beverley Robin, MD, MHPE, CHSE, FAAP NeoSim.indb 13 2/21/21 12:13 PM
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