1. Antimicrobial Therapy According to Clinical Syndromes 2. Antimicrobial Therapy for Neonates 3. Preferred Therapy for Bacterial & Mycobacterial Pathogens 4. Choosing Among Antibiotics Within a Class 5. Preferred Therapy for Fungal Pathogens 6. Choosing Among Antifungal Agents 7. Preferred Therapy for Viral Pathogens 8. Choosing Among Antiviral Agents 9. Preferred Therapy for Parasitic Pathogens 10. Choosing Among Antiparasitic Agents 11. How Antibiotic Dosages Are Determined 12. Approach to Antibiotic Therapy of Drug-Resistant Gram-negative Bacilli & MRSA 13. Antibiotic Therapy for Children Who Are Obese 14. Sequential Parenteral-Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Serious Infections 15. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis/Prevention of Symptomatic Infection 16. Approach to Antibiotic Allergies 2021 Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy 27th Edition AAP Bradley Nelson 2021 Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy Elizabeth D. Barnett, MD Joseph B. Cantey, MD David W. Kimberlin, MD Paul E. Palumbo, MD Jason Sauberan, PharmD J. Howard Smart, MD William J. Steinbach, MD Contributing Editors John S. Bradley, MD Editor in Chief John D. Nelson, MD Emeritus 2021 Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy 27th Edition O O O O O O HO OH HN NH2 N N N N P References 17. Antibiotic Stewardship 18. Alphabetic Listing of Antimicrobials Appendix Index Updates available at www.aap.org/ Nelsons NELSON-2021_CoverSpread.indd 1 12/1/20 9:45 AM
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