893 Appendix 7: Common Elements of Evidence-Based Practice Amenable to Primary Care Table A7-1. Common Elements Indicationsa EPB Sourcesb Common Elements of EBPs Amenable to Primary Care Chapters Substance use Other risky behaviors Poor adherence to therapy Motivational interviewing Family-centered therapy Request patient’s per- mission to engage. Assess stage of readi- ness to act. Use Elicit-Provide-Elicit sequence in brief interventions. Listen for and reflect “change talk.” Address barriers to change. 1 2 25 30 31 Family conflict Family-centered therapy Motivational interviewing Apply the following techniques: Unconditional posi- tive regard Active listening Affirmation Reflection Open-ended questions Professional neutrality Reframing Summaries 1 2 5 10 18 (continued) 39-MHCC_appendix-07.indd 893 4/6/18 11:53 AM
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