881 Appendix 6: PracticeWise: Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Psychosocial Interventions Delinquency and Disruptive Behavior Anger Control, Assertiveness Training, CBT, Contingency Management, Multisystemic Therapy, PMT, PMT and Problem Solving, Problem Solving, Social Skills, Therapeutic Foster Care CBT and PMT, CBT and Teacher Training, Communication Skills, Cooperative Problem Solving, Family Therapy, Functional Family Ther- apy, PMT and Classroom Management, PMT and Social Skills, Rational Emotive Therapy, Relaxation, Self Control Training, Transactional Analysis Client Centered Therapy, Moral Reasoning Training, Outreach Counseling, Peer Pairing CBT and Teacher Psychoeducation, Exposure, Physical Exercise, PMT and Classroom Management and CBT, PMT and Self- Verbalization, Stress Inoculation Behavioral Family Therapy, Catharsis, CBT with Parents, Education, Family Empowerment and Support, Family Systems Therapy, Group Therapy, Imagery Training, Play Therapy, PMT and Peer Support, Psychodynamic Therapy, Self Verbalization, Skill Development, Wraparound Depressive or Withdrawn Behaviors CBT, CBT and Medication, CBT with Parents, Client Centered Therapy, Family Therapy Attention Training, Cognitive Behavioral Psychoeducation, Expression, Interper- sonal Therapy, MI/ Engagement and CBT, Physical Exercise, Problem Solving, Relaxation None Self Control Training, Self Modeling, Social Skills CBT and Anger Control, CBT and Behavioral Sleep Intervention, CBT and PMT, Goal Setting, Life Skills, Mindfulness, Play Therapy, PMT, PMT and Emotion Regulation, Psychodynamic Therapy, Psychoeducation 38-MHCC_appendix-06.indd 881 4/6/18 11:53 AM
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