1 Medical Risks of Marijuana P ediatricians are actively involved in many efforts to decrease harmful exposures to children. In recent years, exposure to marijuana and other cannabinoids has become an increasing challenge. Legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has already happened in some states, and more states are considering this. This has raised critical questions for pediatricians and others who provide care for children and adolescents. What is the risk of use or secondary exposure, including accidental ingestion, to marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids? What factors are associated with use or secondary exposure? What are the implications for children and teens who use marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids? In March 2015, the AAP updated their statement on the impact of marijuana policies summarizing the evidence to date and offering recommendations for pediatricians to implement in their offi ces, communities, and even at a state and national level. In 2017, the AAP issued a revised statement on marijuana. However, pediatricians and other child health care providers need more information to help understand this quickly changing landscape. We have compiled articles from the past 3 years of AAP publications into a custom collection, including the revised AAP policy statement and clinical report. This collection will continue to be updated with new articles that are published on this topic in the months and years ahead, making it a go-to reference for every child health professional. Check back frequently online for articles that you can share with patients, families, and even legislators who turn to you for the health information they need when deciding whether to legalize marijuana in your state. This collection will likely have the information you need, especially when it comes to learning more about the risks of recreational marijuana use, and will also help you understand what we know and do not yet know about its medical use. Introduction —Lewis R. First, MD, MS Editor in Chief, Pediatrics
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