What Is New in This Edition?
Completely reviewed, updated and consolidated text to reflect the latest guidance and recommendations, including
alignment with online updates or new editions of
—Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Early Care and Education
Programs, 3rd Edition
—Red Book: 2015 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, 30th Edition
New infectious disease Quick Reference Sheets.
—Clostridium difficile (Also Called “C diff”)
—Staphylococcus aureus (Methicillin-Resistant [MRSA] and Methicillin-Sensitive [MSSA])
New and updated sample letters, forms and relevant resources added to Chapter 8.
—Child Health Assessment Form
—Special Care Plan Form
—Medication Administration Packet
—Letter to Staff About Occupational Health Risks
—Refusal to Vaccinate Form
—Staff Health Assessment Form
—Diapering Poster
—Symptom Record Form
Immunization schedules—removed and referred to the annually updated schedules published by the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov/vaccines.
3 fact sheets about the roles of families, child care staff, and health professionals related to infectious diseases
moved from this book to the Web site of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Early
Childhood Education Linkage System at www.ecels-healthychildcarepa.org. Select the “Publications” tab and then
“Fact Sheets,” and scroll the alphabetically listed fact sheets to the listing “Roles of Families, Staff Members and
Health Professionals in Managing Infectious Diseases in Group Care,” under which are links to download each of
the 3 fact sheets.
New Web links to professional development materials throughout the text.
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