375 You have now reached the end of this book, but you are only just start- ing your lifelong adventure. We thought long and hard about what parting insights we wanted to leave with you because in the end—all diapers and joking aside—we love being parents and want you to enjoy this noblest of professions as much as we do. When we tried to think of how to finish things off in a meaningful way, everything that came to mind seemed to have been said before—mostly in the form of clichés. The one we feel is never­ th eless worth repeating is that you will soon become the person who knows your baby best—what she wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. This expertise will come naturally over time, so it is worth reminding yourself every so often that parenthood is not a race. As for the rest of the clichés, you’re certain to hear from others that babies grow big before you know it and how they’re only young once. Instead of elaborating, we thought we’d lighten things up a bit by leaving you with a few thoughts that occurred to us while we were writing this book—all of which relate to a concept that has become even more apparent to us over the many years since we first wrote it: becoming a parent is really quite a lot like writing a book on parenting. It seems as if everyone’s doing it. It’s a guaranteed adventure. If you’re lucky, you fall right into your new role, but for most of us, this transition takes a good bit of time, effort, and patience. It has a way of taking over your life, but you find that you wouldn’t want parenthood to be any other way. It serves as a reminder that almost everything is easier said than done. You are bound to run into obstacles along the way. You will be the excep- tion to the rule if you don’t have days when you doubt yourself. Having faith and sticking with it pays off in the end. People are going to judge you. Regardless of what they think, if you do your best and remain committed to learning new things along the way, you’ll always have something to be proud of. parting insights 33 - EM - HH4.indd 375 7/9/20 1:57 PM
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