659 Page numbers followed by italicized letters b, f, and t indicate boxes, figures, and tables, respectively. A AAP, see American Academy of Pediatrics Abdominal assaults, trauma during pregnancy and, 325 Abdominal pain, acute, admission policies on, 230 ABO blood group, 159t, 233 Abortion antibody testing and, 163 early pregnancy blood sugar control and, 137 multifetal pregnancy reduction, 143 spontaneous maternal mortality and, 626 prepregnancy blood sugar and, 137 unintended pregnancies and, 4 Abruptio placentae cesarean delivery and, 267 chronic hypertension and, 322 electronic fetal heart rate monitoring and, 326 fetal well-being tests and, 198 inherited thrombophilias and, 303 premature rupture of membranes and, 235, 237, 336 tobacco use and smoke exposure and, 179 trauma during pregnancy and, 326 umbilical cord clamping, 262 Abscess, in newborns, contact precautions, 574 Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, 377 Accountability, 6 Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, 227 Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, 245 Acidosis retinopathy of prematurity and, 446 as reversible, 440 ACOG, see the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Acoustic stimulation, 199 Acoustics, neonatal functional unit, 82 ACT sheets, 383 Admission and observation area, in neonatal functional units, 71–72 Admission policies general concepts, 228–230 for labor, 233–234 triage, 229–230, 231t, 232 labor and delivery, 230 Adolescents CRAFFT (substance abuse screen), 138b as mothers, discharge readiness and, 395 postpartum family adaptation and, 296 pregnant antepartum care for, 205–206 nutrition, 186–187t Adoption, 402–403 Advance directives, informed consent and, 211 Advanced practice providers, credentialing, 42 Advanced practice registered nurses, 37 capabilities, 44 scope of practice, 45 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Consensus Model, 44 Adverse events, The Joint Commission on informing patients of, 104 Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, 381 African Americans anemia screening in, 306 gonorrhea risk and, 533 preeclampsia and eclampsia and, 319 pregestational or gestational diabetes screening, 310, 311b African descent, routine laboratory tests early in pregnancy and, 159 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Emergency Severity Index, 229–230 AHRQ, see Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality AIDET (communication tool), 100b Air quality. See Ventilation Air transport medical equipment, 122–124 Air travel during pregnancy, 197–198 Air-conditioning engineers, 58 Airway, clearing in newborn, 352 Alaska Native ethnicity gonorrhea risk and, 533 respiratory syncytial virus and, 519 Albumin, extracellular, bilirubin binding and, 414–415 Alcohol use incarcerated women and, 206 maternal, neonatal withdrawal and, 425t, 427 in pregnancy, 136–137 Index
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