1 Firearm-Related Injuries and Preventions A ccidents are the leading cause of death for children outside of the neonatal period, which means that pediatricians have long advocated for programs and interventions to protect children from accidental injury. Promoting appropriate usage of car seats and seat belts has been a public health intervention successfully promoted by large numbers of pediatricians. Remarkably, childhood death and injury from gun violence rivaled the morbidity and mortality due to motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2014. To help you better understand the public health impact of fi rearms on children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are now bringing together published articles in one custom collection, giving you quick access to a compendium of studies on this important topic. The AAP’s top priorities in federal gun violence prevention advocacy are: 1. Stronger gun laws, including stronger background checks, banning assault weapons, addressing fi rearm traffi cking, and encouraging safe fi rearm storage 2. Violence prevention programs addressing the needs of at-risk children and children exposed to violence 3. Funding for gun violence prevention research and public health surveillance 4. Protecting the crucial role of physicians in providing anticipatory guidance to patients about the health hazards of fi rearms 5. Ensuring children and their families have access to appropriate mental health services to address the effects of exposure to violence This custom collection on protecting children from gun violence will be continually updated online as more articles are published, so please check the online collection frequently for new studies about this important topic. Introduction —Shawn L. Ralston, MD, MA, MS Editor-in-Chief, Hospital Pediatrics
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