APPENDIXES All online documents can be accessed at Use access code AAPCFP21. Appendix A 1995 Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services 1997 Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services Physicians at Teaching Hospitals (PATH) Guidelines (online only) MLN Matters SE0441—CMS Incident-To Requirements (online only) Appendix B Your Coding Toolkit Figure B-1. CPT® Coding Change Request Form (online only) Figure B-2. Commonly Used ICD-9-CM Codes Crosswalked to ICD-10-CM Codes Figure B-3. FAQ: Immunization Administration (online only) Figure B-4. Vaccine Products (online only) Figure B-5. Global Per Diem Critical Care Codes: Direct Supervision and Reporting Guidelines Figure B-6. Chronic Care Management Worksheet Figure B-7. Care Plan Oversight Encounter Worksheet Figure B-8. Sample Denial Tracking Tool Figure B-9. Claim Correction Form (online only) Figure B-10. Sample Appeal Letter (online only) Figure B-11. Effective Health Plan Appeals: The Ins and Outs Figure B-12. FAQ: Alternative Payment Methodologies (online only) Figure B-13. Marshfield Audit Tool (online only) Figure B-14. Coding Fact Sheets (online only) Appendix C Asthma Clinical Performance Measures (online only) Appendix D 2016 Pediatric Coding Resources Exclusively From the AAP Insert AAP/Bright Futures “Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care” (Periodicity Schedule)
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