208 Appendix E—Signs and Symptoms of Trauma Handout FRAYED A Simple Summary of Trauma Symptoms Frets (eg, worry, anxiety) and fear (specifi c or generalized) R egulation diffi culty—lack of self-regulation emotional and behavioral dysregulation A ttachment challenges—lack of a secure attachment relationship insecure attachment behaviors Y elling (eg, tantrums, irritable behavior, oppositional behavior) and yawning (sleep problems) yucky feeling (eg, headache, stomachache, somaticizing) E ducational and developmental delays, impaired learning and thinking D efeated (hopeless), dissociating (disconnect between emotions and behaviors disconnected from reality), or depressed feeling A97bvire_1bmvip9_ff0.tmp 1 5/20/2021 10:42:09 AM
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