207 Appendix D—Cultural Connections Handout FABRiC The Context in Which a Child Builds Resilience and/or Experiences Trauma FAmily: How was the parent of this child raised, and how is that upbringing informing their parenting? Are there intergenerational trauma considerations? 1 BRoader social context: What are the current stressors for this caregiver or family? (Consider social determinants of health such as poverty, community violence, and housing or food insecurity.) 2 Cultural considerations: Are there cultural considerations (eg, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, status of immigration, placement in out-of-home care with a family of a diff erent culture or race) that aff ect… a. The presentation of trauma? b The meaning of trauma to this child/caregiver? c. How you will engage this child/caregiver around their health? 3 CTAR BOOK.indb 207 5/16/21 2:54 PM
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