Time-in (Use frequently) 1 2 3 Attuned, attentive listening “serve and return” 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 10 12 “Catching the child being good” and off ering specifi c praise for eff ort Routines that are predictable and fl exible preparing the child ahead of time for changes in routines Ignoring minor negative behaviors Modeling the behavior you want to see (being a role model) Distraction: telling a child what behavior you want to see Giving rewards and privileges for desirable behaviors Law of logical consequences Collaborative problem-solving Teaching the child self-soothing behaviors Time-out (Use sparingly) 206 Appendix C—Parenting Handout Top 12 Positive Parenting Strategies CTAR BOOK.indb 206 5/16/21 2:54 PM
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