i Child Abuse: Overview and Evaluation 1 Foreword 2 Introduction Overview 3 Physical Abuse of Children Article Original Publication April-1-2016 14 Child Sexual Abuse Article Original Publication March-1-2017 26 Child Psychological Abuse In Brief Original Publication October-1-2017 Evaluation 29 ‘Practical’ Guide Helps in Evaluation of Children Who Report Sexual Abuse AAP News Original Publication July-29-2013 31 The Evaluation of Children in the Primary Care Setting When Sexual Abuse Is Suspected Clinical Report Original Publication August-1-2013 41 Pediatricians’ Role in Preventing Child Maltreatment Fatalities: A Call to Action Pediatrics Perspective Original Publication November-1-2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS go.aap.org/connect About AAP Pediatric Collections Pediatric Collections is a series of selected pediatric articles that highlight different facets of information across various AAP publications, including AAP Journals, AAP News, Blog Articles, and eBooks. Each series of collections focuses on specific topics in the field of pediatrics so that you can keep up with best practices, and make an informed response to public health matters, trending news, and current events. Each collection includes previously published content focusing on specific topics and articles selected by AAP editors. Visit http://collections.aap.org to view a list of upcoming collections. Pediatric Collections Child Abuse: Overview and Evaluation
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